Benefits Of Sitting On The Floor While Eating

Long before chairs were invented, people used to sit on the floor to eat. Although now we live in modern times where things have changed, and we have chairs to sit on, many cultures up to now still practice this method of eating while sitting on the floor.

Here are the health benefits of sitting on the floor while eating

Improves posturehealthrightsdfghj

Sitting on the floor is that it involuntarily makes you practice yoga poses without noticing. The cross-legged pose helps keep your spine straight and aligned, and your shoulder muscles pushed back in a relaxed position. This improves your posture and gives you relief from common poor posture-related aches and pains like the muscle strain, fatigue due to overuse of certain muscles keeping you healthy and strong.

Aids in digestion

It also aids the process of digestion faster as opposed to sitting on a dining table. This is because when sitting on the floor the proximity between your heart and digestive organs is reduced allowing it to pump blood more easily to the digestive organs. This provides the energy needed for digestion and enhances digestion as opposed to sitting on a dining table where your lower body especially your legs are far down from the heart making the heart pump blood to the legs as they are far from the heart reducing the focus on digestion. When you sit on the floor, all your body functions co-ordinate well-providing energy for eating and digesting only.

Keeps joints healthy and flexible

Many people find it hard to sit on the floor with their legs crossed mainly because of the pain associated with this sitting especially on the knees and hips. So, people who do this often actually make these muscles stronger after some time and since sitting cross-legged makes one sit upright, not only the spine benefits, but your hips and lower abdomen benefit too. This makes your joints strong and healthy to give you stability even as you age.

Keeps your weight in check

People put their mind and healthleftasdfghjfocus on eating while sitting on the floor more that when slouching on a sofa watching TV when eating. Sitting on the floor gives your body the advantage of signaling your nerves that you are full. On the other hand, sitting on a sofa while eating at the same time watching TV, drifts your attention from the task at hand; eating. This lack of concentration is what makes people eat more than they should simply because they are not giving their mind focus on what is currently going on in their bodies. You will lose weight with focus and controlled eating offered in sitting on the floor.

Though the changing times have influenced us, it is best if we adopt this sitting instead of slouching on sofas hurting our spine and putting pressure on our muscles while eating.