Prayer times at the Islamic Centre of Kingston

Prayer Times shown for the Islamic Centre of Kingston is when the Centre is open for prayer. These times are also shown at the door of the centre. Fajr and Isha times are based on 15 degrees delcination of sun below the horizon. Asr times are based on Hanafi school.
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Juma khutba starts
at 12:40 pm while in standard time and
at 1:25 pm while in daylight saving time
Prayer times in Kingston

Prayer Times are generated by PrayTimer 2.0 using Islamic Society of North America ISNA) determination for Fajr and for ‘Isha (Sun being 15 degrees below Horizon) and the Shafii School (one shadow length) determination for ‘Asr. If you are fasting it is safer to stop eating 15 (winter) to 30 minutes (summer) before the time shown for Fajr.You may use the program to calculate your own prayer times. Click here to calculate the prayer times for your location
Select the month for which you want the prayer time.

Prayers at Queen’s University

Daily prayers are held Queen’s University at the QUMSA office.
Juma is held at MacLaughlin room at JDUC.
For correct information on prayer and other activities on campus, go the QUMSA home page