Muslim Kid’s Club Schedule

Activities Schedule from Sep 25th to Nov 13th, 2001

Sep 25th
Movie Night
Sr. Mona Rahman
Breaking the ice
Oct 2nd
Leadership & Teamwork I
Br. Mohammad Saleem
Social Skills
Oct 9th
Leadership &Teamwork II
Br. Mohammad Saleem
Social Skills
Oct 16th
Mathematics Competition
Sr. Marwa Abdou
Mathmatics Skills
Oct 23rd
Keeping the environment clean
Sr. Hakeema Stokes
Environment Education
Oct 30th
Sr. Jabeen Baig
Art Lesson
Nov 6th
Visiting Kingston Food Bank
All Participants
Thinking of Others
Nov 13th
Ramadan Quiz
The Coordinator
Islamic Studies
Nov 27th : Potluck Iftar for the Kids and their families