Various Services

The Islamic Society of Kingston offers various spiritual, educational and social services for the Muslim Community in Kingston and the surrounding areas. It also oversees various groups and clubs for it’s members of different age groups.

Islamic Library:
The Library is located at the Islamic Center. Our Library has a wide range of resource for children and adults. Books in the library are available in English, Arabic, Urdu, and French. For more information about the Library, please contact Sis. Raafia Monem @384-4136.

Is a monthly newsletter produced by the Islamic Society of Kingston to keep it’s members informed of the community affairs and the activities of the Society.

Speakers on Islam:
The Islamic Society of Kingston provides speakers on Islam to schools and other institutions. For more information please contact Br. Moustafa Fahmy at 546-5018.

Services For Young Members

Weekend Islamic School:
The Islamic/Arabic School of Kingston is held every Saturday morning from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., followed by Dhuhr prayer, at the Limestone Adult School of Continuing Education. We are currently offering 6 levels. To register, children must be no younger than Senior Kindergarten. Children can still register on September 23 at 10:00 a.m. at the school. Otherwise, and for any queries, contact Br. Hossam Hassanein ([email protected] or 384-5081).

Muslim Kids’ Club:
This Club is for children age 6 to 11. The Club members meet once a week to participate in social, physical and spiritual activities. This Club is an excellent opportunity for your child to meet other Muslim Children. For more information, please contact Sis. Fatma Fahmy @ 546-5018

Youth Group:

“…They were youths who believed in their Lord, and We advanced them in guidance”
(Surah al-Kahf: 13)

Mission Statement:
The Kingston Muslim Youth strives to make the community youth more active and aims to provide young Muslims in the Kingston area with an opportunity to:

enjoy this period in their life as practicing Muslims comfortable with their Muslim identity
build meaningful bonds with their brothers and sisters in Islam, and assimilate the Islamic ideal of unity amongst the body of Muslims
motivate each other to keep growing in their Islam, seek knowledge and develop leadership skills for the purpose of serving Allah, the Ummah and the greater community
The Kingston Muslim Youth is for Brothers and Sisters who are in grades 7 to OAC. Currently, we are meeting weekly on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. at the Islamic Centre of Kingston. Bring your ideas and energy! For more information, please contact any of the KMY Executive:

President: Sr. Amanie Antar – (613) 384 8008
Vice-President: Sr. Faria Islam – (613) 634 1895
email : [email protected]
Secretary: Br. Ayon Shahed – (613) 384 3139
email: [email protected]
Treasurer: Br. Omar El-Rouby – (613) 384 5877
email: [email protected]

Please note that during Ramadan the KMY will be meeting on Saturdays at the community iftar parties at the ICK, between dessert and Taraweeh prayers.

Services For Adults

Muslim Women’s Group:
This Group is lead by a Coordinator. The Group meets on regular basis to discuss topics of mutual interest, and organize various activities for the women in particular and for the whole Society in general. For more information contact Sis. Ulfat Jalaluddin @ (613) 531-8340.

Men’ Halaqas:
– Men’s halaqa is being held every Thursday between Maghrib and Ishaa prayers at the Islamic Centre. Topics include Qur’an recitation, Tafseer, and Hadith. Please call Br. Moustafa Fahmy at 546-5018 or Br. Hafizur Rahman at 634-0149 for more information.

– A weekly lesson for teaching Qur’anic Arabic is being held at the ICK every Tuesday between Maghrib and Ishaa prayers. The approach followed is to study a particular Surah by analyzing in detail the vocabulary and the structure of each verse. For more information, please contact Br. Moustafa Fahmy at 546-5018.