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National Islamic Organizations:
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).  
Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).  
Islamic Educational Site:
Imam Tarek's Bilingual (English & Bengali) website.  
Internations Institute of Islamic Thought (  
Discover Islam (  
Islamic Institue of Toronto (  
Amman Message, 2004 November.  
On Moonsighting:
Moonsihgting by Khalid Shaukat.  
Hilal-sighting by Muhib Durrani.  
Committe for Cresecent Observation Intl.  
Human Rights/Advocacy Organizations:
Council on American-Islamic Relations - Canada (CAIR-Canada).  
Candian Islamic Congress (CIC).  
Government Sites and politicians:
Govenment of Canada
Govenment of Canada.  
Parliament of Canada.  
Members of Parliament.  
Cabinet Ministers.  
MP from Kingston and the islands (Peter Milliken).  
Citizenship and Immigration.  
List of Charities in Canada.  
Govenment of Ontario.  
Ontario Legislature  
Members of Provincial Parliament  
Cabinet Ministers  
MP from Kingston (John Gerretsen)  
Newcomers to Kingston  
City of Kingston  
Office of the Mayor  
Planning Department  
The Kingston Whig Standard (local newspaper).  
Community and volunteer information.  
Today's weather .  
Necomers to Kingston