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Times of some of the programs may have changed.
Please cCheck with the contact person for the program.
If you are the contact person for a program, and the time has changed, please email webmaster.
Most of the programs will be suspended during Ramadan.

Islamic Learning at The Islamic Center of Kingston (and other places).
If you are not a regular attendee of a halaqa, please verify with the contact person(s) to make sure about the current time and whether a particular halaqa is continuing.
New Muslim Classes (in English)
Thursdays : 6 pm at ICK Musallah.
Contact : Imam Sheharyar Shaikh,
Sisters' Qur'an Tafseer (in English)
  Alternate Tuesdays : 7 pm at Bayoumi Residence
  Contact : Hoda Bayoumi 613-389-7613
Brothers' Qur'an Tafseer (in English)
  Thursdays : After Magreb at ICK Musallah)
  Contact : Imaam Sheharyar Shaikh,
Sisters' Qur'an and Tafseer (in Urdu):
Alternate Thursdays : 8-9 pm at ICK Library
Contact : Chand Saleem 613-530-3655
Lamia Bukhari 613-530-3732
Youth Qur'an Class (in English):
Tuesdays : 5:30-7:30 pm at ICK Musallah
Contact :
Imam Sheharyar Shaikh
Unless otherwise specified, all programs are held at ICK